Medical care

Part of our 360° player counselling is, of course, also the best possible medical care for our clients.

Focus on health

It doesn't matter whether you are fit or injured: Our experts ensure that your body always meets the high demands of professional sports - and that you feel good.

Surface Center for Orthopedics

In this area, we work together with the Surface Center for Orthopedics, among others.

In the case of an injury, we can always provide a second opinion option. Ensuring proper medical care and reducing the risk of (team) doctor errors and ineffective or even harmful treatment methods.

Allowing you to benefit from this service in which we offer our clients 365 days a year.

These areas are also part of our 360° player counselling:

Together with the experts in the individual subject areas, we ensure that you are optimally positioned in each area - with a personal contact person who is always available for you.